The All-In-One Marketing CRM That You'll Actually Use

Ready To Streamline Your Marketing?

Are You Still Wasting Time Doing Repeatable Tasks?

Are You Dropping The Ball With Client & Prospect Nurturing?

Do You Find Yourself Paying Too Much For Marketing Software?

Have You Given Up On Keeping Your Sales Process Organized?

Do Your Email Blasts

Get Opened or Trashed?

Tired of Juggling Loads of Different Marketing Apps?

One Web-App For All Of Your Campaigns

Email Marketing

Send beautiful newsletters, campaigns, drip sequences

and more

SMS Marketing

From simple text blasts to reminder messages, SMS marketing will increase engagement

Unified Messaging Dashboard

Manage FB / IG DMs, Google Listing, Web Chat, Email, SMS and Phone Calls together

Booking & Appointments

Avoid double-bookings and increase show-up rates with a fully customizable calendar

Unlimited Sales Funnels

Landing pages so you can run as many opt-ins and re-targeting campaigns as you like

CRM & Pipeline Management

Get a bird's-eye view of all of your deals from cold lead to sold-and-closed

Surveys & Forms

Create powerful forms that capture lead info and trigger automated campaigns

Website & Link Builder

Websites that are built to work as an online sales machine, not just a pretty business card

Tracking & Analytics

Google My Business, Website Analytics, Google & FB Ads, and more in one place

Reputation Management

View and Respond to your Google and Facebook reviews from one dashboard

And Yes, There's A Mobile App For That

  • Full Pipeline Management
  • Manage Review Requests
  • Full 2-Way Messaging Dashboard
  • Place Outbound Calls From Your Business Line
  • Full Appointment Calendar Access
  • Full Contacts Database Management

Okay, But How Much Does It Cost?

Other Web Apps combined can cost businesses upwards of $1,400 per month!

Brain Storm does the job of more than 15 different apps for just $297 per month.

Okay, But How Much Does It Cost?

Compare To


Their Cost

Brain Storm


Constant Contact



$99 / monthly

Follow Up Boss



$99 / monthly

Click Funnels

Lead Pages

Unlimited Sales Funnels

$297 / monthly


Square Space



$54 / monthly

Call Tracking Metrics



$95 / monthly


Jot Form

Surveys & Forms

$49 / monthly


Acuity Scheduling

Booking & Appointments

$29 / monthly


CRM Pipeline & Management

$99 / monthly

Agency Analytics


& Analytics

$49 / monthly

Link Tree

Link Pages

$10 / monthly



Courses / Products

$159 / monthly



Reputation Management

$299 / monthly


Chat Fuel

Chat Bot Logic & Automation

$30 / monthly



Triggers & Automations

$50 / monthly



SSL Certificate

$295 / annually



Social Media Scheduling

$739 / monthly

Overall Price

$1,600+ Per Month

$297 Per Month

Getting Started Is Easy

Sign Up

Begin Onboarding

Build A Campaign

Grow Your Business

Market Your Business, Save Money & Gain Life-Long Customers

Most businesses fail to grow their business because they don't know where to start with marketing software.

Brain Storm is an all-in-one software that will give you the confidence and clarity to engage your audience and gain life-long customers.

At Nimbus we know that you want to be a successful and celebrated business. In order to do that, you need to get in front of the right customers. The problem is having to pay for expensive marketing software and a lack of tech know-how which makes you feel overwhelmed.

We believe not being able to market your business is just plain wrong. We understand marketing software tools can be costly & intimidating which is why we've been helping business owners just like you for over 16 years.

Here's how we do it:

1. Sign Up

2. Begin Onboarding

3. Build A Campaign

4. Grow Your Business

So, schedule a demo today so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and grow your business instead.

What Are My Options?

Option 1

You could keep doing what you're doing, spending money on software that isn't cutting it and try to attract more business

Option 2

You could go all in on integrating 15+ web apps and try to program marketing campaigns yourself

(this works for people who are willing to spend the extra time, money and effort to learn & keep up with multiple software platforms)

Option 3

You could sign up and we'll help you to save money marketing your business so you can have peace of mind

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